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"Bass controls the groove. The groove gets people moving."

Having a style of his own, bassist Charles Platt Jr. is making waves on the jazz scene with his hit single, "SeaBreeze."  ​With a jazzy, refreshing sound and a splash of funk, Sea Breeze was created to remind listeners of cruising to the beach on a warm summer day. Fans quickly dubbed the track, "the feel good song of the summer."

As a follow-up to his single, Charles set the tone for the new age of funk with the Nov. 20, 2016 release of his debut EP, "It's My Time."  His songs "Chop it Up," "Hype" and title track, "It's My Time," push the limits of jazz by merging Hip-Hop and Pop undertones to create a funky, modern sound that compels listeners to move and groove!

Charles is a well-rounded bass solo artist and music producer who describes his style as traditional bass playing, mixed with the rhythmic pattern of drums, and the melodic lead progressions of the keyboard. His sound blends genres of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Pop and Funk. Taking notice to listener’s reactions, he created the saying, “Bass controls the groove, and the groove gets people moving!”

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